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Vehicle Finance can be confusing. Here is our brief guide to what we can offer to make your new Mazda or used model more affordable than you may expect. You could possibly consider an higher specification? Please contact us for any further information.

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How can I finance my vehicle purchase?

Watch these short videos for information on the different types of finance available.

Hire Purchase Finance

Click the video link above to find out more about Hire Purchase (HP) finance.

PCP Finance

Click the video link below to find out more about Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase (LP) is the same as PCP but the final payment is not guaranteed. The benefit is cheaper payments than HP & PCP as there is no risk to the finance company as the final payment is settled by the customer.

mazda Financial Services

We offer a selection of competitive finance products to make funding your new Mazda easy and affordable. Listed below are some brief descriptions of funding methods and finance products available. Contact us for any further details you may require. Every customer has a different requirement, so please ask us for a written quotation.


When doing your calculations, remember that you will be losing any interest that money could attract. It could be that a 0% or low rate deal is available and using cash actually costs you money. In addition, attractive features like our new ‘ Payment Waiver ‘ can work positively for you if you are made redundant involuntarily, and keeping your savings might be considered prudent. Maintaining a strong credit history can also help in future should you apply for another loan, be it for a vehicle purchase or not. Take a look at some other funding methods below.

Instalment Credit
Hire Purchase

A traditional method of funding a vehicle purchase when not using cash. You pay an agreed deposit either before or at delivery and then monthly payments for up to 5 years. When the final payment is cleared you own the vehicle. Payments normally include interest and administration fees other than when a 0% APR or other special purchase scheme is available. The APR charged is always stated on quotations and documentation. Our ‘ Payment Waiver ‘ scheme applies to Instalment Credit agreements – see below.

Payment Waiver
Peace of mind from a responsible lender

Introduced in 2011, all new and used retail finance customers will benefit from our ‘Payment Waiver’ feature which will pay up to 6 monthly installments for those customers who are made redundant involuntarily ( that is through no fault of their own ). This benefit is included in your agreement completely free of charge and must not be confused with the various discredited payment protection insurance schemes which have been available from many lenders in the recent past. Any payments waived do not require paying back. Obviously there are reasonable terms and conditions and full details are available on request.

Lease Purchase
Business Users Only

Combines the traditional ownership benefits of Instalment Credit with the favorable cashflow advantages of leasing, providing a business with ultimate flexibility. You choose initial outlay and the term to create the desired monthly payment. A ‘balloon’ payment can be deferred to the end of the agreement based on the anticipated value, but ant shortfall is your responsibility. After all payments are cleared, you own the vehicle.

Business Lease
Business Users Only

This offers a low initial outlay and fixed monthly rentals. VAT is charged on rentals. To reduce payment a ‘balloon’ payment is often built in to the scheme, based on the estimated value at the end of the agreement. At the agreement end, you can sell the vehicle whilst benefiting from 100% of the sale proceeds. If a ‘balloon’ is included it must be paid at the end of the primary rental term, in full, regardless of the sale proceeds. There are extension options after the primary rental term, normally with a ‘peppercorn’ rental.

Financial Shortfall Insurance ( FSI )

A new product to protect customers against losses if their vehicle is written off, or stolen and not recovered in the first three years of ownership. FSI is available to cash buyers as well as those purchasing on a finance scheme. For a competitive one-off payment FSI will pay the difference between what your insurance company pay out and the price you originally paid for the vehicle.

This will allow you to replace your loss with a similar new model with the minimum of extra cost. The policy can be cancelled by the customer at any time ( subject to an administration fee ) and a pro-rata refund will apply. We strongly recommend that our customers protect themselves with an FSI policy and avoid the potential hassle should a total loss claim occur within 3 years. We are happy to give full details, a product leaflet or product presentation on request.

As you can see above, there are many ways we can help finance your new Mazda, used car or van. Contact any of our sales team for a written quotation, advice on which funding method will suit you and details of any special schemes available.

All finance agreements are subject to terms and conditions, underwriting acceptance and a guarantor may be required.

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Got a question? Get in touch

Our helpful customer advisors are available to answer questions and give you the advice and information you need.

Got a question? Get in touch

Our helpful customer advisors are available to answer questions and give you the advice and information you need.

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